Online Chat & Text


Our Crisis and Support Chat and Text Service is open to all survivors of sexualized violence and their support persons.

Creating a respectful and supportive online service is our first priority.  We want you to feel safe.  For more information about online safety please visit and click the “hide your website visit” tab.  Anonymous records of this chat and text service may be retained for the purpose of training and/or quality control.

We also want our online workers to feel respected. If someone is being abusive online we may have to end the conversation. This service is designed to support individuals who have been impacted by sexual and gender based violence, and not their perpetrators. For this reason, our online facilitators are unable to speak with individuals regarding acts of perpetration they have committed.

Online Chat & Text is only available:

Tuesday from 6pm- 10pm

For Online Chat CLICK HERE

For Text Chat text “Hello” to 1-877-544-6424