Volunteering at the Sexual Assault Centre Kingston could mean providing support to survivors of recent and/or historic sexual violence, helping out with administrative tasks, organizing events, facilitating workshops, taking part in working committees, providing childcare, assisting with accompaniments to the hospital/police/court and more.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities with Sexual Assault Centre Kingston.  All of your work demonstrates a commitment to support, to empower and to advocate for those affected by sexual violence in KFL&A. We especially encourage survivors to be involved, as they bring the value of their lived experience.

Our Volunteer Program offers diverse opportunities for anyone 18 years and older.

  • Crisis & Support Line
  • Crisis Text & Chat Service
  • Accompaniments to Hospital/Police/Court
  • Community Education
  • Special Events
  • Social Advocacy
  • Fundraising, Grant Writing
  • Office Assistance
  • Child Care
  • Bingo

… and more

Are you under 18 and still interested in volunteering? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@sackingston.com) to discuss the possibilities.

pexels-photo-305530Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with the Sexual Assault Centre Kingston offers you a unique and rewarding experience to join other compassionate individuals committed to providing support to survivors of sexual violence and to working towards the prevention of sexual violence. Volunteering at the SAC Kingston also provides you the opportunity to:

  • develop new skills
  • support and empower survivors of sexualized violence
  • work in a team environment
  • gain career-related, interactive experience
  • contribute to and connect with the community

All volunteer opportunities offer the chance to impact the lives of others and make a difference in our community.


Volunteer Training

We offer comprehensive training for our volunteers, which covers topics including, but not limited to:  anti-oppression, sexual violence, consent, rape culture, trauma, child sexual abuse, suicide, crisis intervention, communication strategies, self-care, medical/legal information and an overview of community resources in the area.

Duration of Training

Volunteer training happens 4x per year and involves 5-6 sessions that run on weekday evenings or on weekends over a period of a couple weeks. Make-up sessions are a possibility and can be discussed in advance with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Once your application is submitted, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with current training dates. 

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in being a part of our volunteer team, please fill out an application here. The application can also be dropped of at the Centre (400 Elliott Ave, Unit 1 – Rockcliffe Plaza, on the corner of Division Street & Elliott Avenue).